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To Ride A Red Engine


This is the book that tells you what it is like, to do just that. The author who served for twenty seven years at busy inner London fire stations, tells of what it was like. He tells from first hand experience of what it was like to attend the biggest fire in post war London. Then of the fire with largest number of live rescues to date in London, of what it is like to effect a rescue by the now obsolete hook ladder (deemed too dangerous by its detractor’s, allegedly killed and injured more firemen than people it rescued). Would you like to know what has to be done to be awarded a Chief Officers Commendation for bravery, the story is told in detail.

The author tells of the highs of saving lives at fires, to the lows of multiple child deaths. Then just the stories have you tensed with high drama, he intertwines with delightfully humorous tales of firemen and incidents. Skilfully blending drama with farce, then farce with humour, to have you chuckling out loud. Underlying this at all times is the fireman’s age-old remedy for stress, rather than modern day counselling, a beguiling sense of black humour.

Not recommended for long train or aeroplane journeys, where continuous chuckling out loud might be considered Anti-social behaviour.
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